Don’t want to trash your favorite piece of fabric? Learn to make keychains by using scrap Fabric.

Things Required

  • Fabric scraps
  • Medium weight iron
  • A piece of Pellon Peltex one sided iron-on interfacing. This stuff is really rigid and is almost like cardboard, but you can sew right through it.
  • Twill tape or grosgrain ribbon
  • Key ring
  • Pinking shears
  • Buttons for embellishing
  • Thread, sewing stuff



Firstly, decide what scraps or unused fabric you’d like to use. Iron on the medium interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. White piece is the Peltex


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If you are appliqueing or buttons on the fabric, place on the right side so that you come to know about the exact position


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Iron on the Peltex to the wrong side of fabric. There’s a shiny side, which is the side that should be ironed on the wrong side of the fabric. Placed it down, covered it with a pressing cloth, and pressed with an iron for about 10-15 seconds. Make sure you iron it to the side you want to be the “front” of your key chain.


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Cut it out along with the back of your key chain.

Place wrong sides together, and place two pins about 1″ or so apart on the bottom.



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Sew from pin to pin, around the circle, about 1/4″ away from the edge. Trim the edges all the way around with pinking shears.

Cut a piece of twill tape or ribbon about 2″ long


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Fold it over key ring and insert into the opening on the bottom of a key chain.

Sew the opening closed, backstitching at the beginning and end.

Trim the threads. Your key chain is ready to use.

Gift your friends and family and share the manufacturing procedure with them as well.s

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