Here are some innovative ways to tell your spouse, “I love you.”

  1. Write down every kind of kiss on the pieces of paper. Ask your spouse to join several papers together and give a kiss whatever is stated.
  2. Make a book which states the reasons of loving your spouse and why you are thankful for him/her.
  3. Take your lover on a hunt. Ask him/her to answer riddles to find the clues to items that you placed somewhere around town.
  4. Give your spouse a massage and watch a romantic movie after a candle light dinner.
  5. Surprise your spouse with a special getaway together. For an extra special experience, take your spouse to marriage getaways. Find an event near you to please your spouse
  6. Give your wife a bunch of red roses. She’ll definitely love it.
  7. Watch a romantic movie on weekends in a cinema.
  8. If you are separated across the miles, send a lovely package filled with red things
  9. Prepare breakfast for your wife and present her on the bed
  • Write a poem for your spouse and frame it
  • On his/her plate, leave a letter or card listing 14 reasons that you love your spouse
  • After your spouse goes to bed decorate the bathroom mirror with lipstick kisses to express your deep feelings for him

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